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Melos is a Greek word which refers to a member of the body,
or a part belonging to the whole.

In Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.
Romans 12:5


Recently a new concept has been emerging in the Australian Christian school sector. Traditionally Schools have been independent and while they may have had a second campus or a pre-school, very few groups of schools or systems existed. A new model is emerging of schools banding together to come under a common governance structure and to share expertise in business operations and school leadership.

In response to this identified need, Melos Education Limited was formed in 2020. Originally established as the Melos Foundation, recent structural changes have led to the adoption of a new name – Melos Education Limited trading as the Melos Group.

The idea is based on an approach that sees school companies relieved of the burden of governance and where there is a Church involved, allows a focus on ministry partnership between Church and School. Single board governance of the Group sees schools and Churches able to focus again on their central purpose as schools and on ministry with the schools by their founding Church.

At present the Melos Group operates the following schools – Green Point Christian College, Yattalunga Valley Christian School, Brewarrina Christian School, Greenacre Christian College, Yanginanook School and Moree Christian School.

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Expression of Interest Process

If you would like to find out more about being on the Board and what this entails, please contact our Deputy Board Chair, Ms Lyndall Jones (contact details below).

Interested applicants for Board Member positions should provide a resume (or LinkedIn URL) covering recent experience in leadership and governance, plus a summary of prior experience in relevant roles.

A supporting statement outlining why the position of Board member is attractive to you would also be appreciated. Confidential expressions of interest via phone or email are also invited:

Lyndall Jones Deputy Board Chair
0429 038 308