Becoming A Member Of

The Melos Group

Steps required to join the Melos Group

It is expected that the following steps shall occur for a Christian educational institution expressing an interest in joining the Melos Group. Depending on the type if institution it is, these steps may vary slightly.

1. An applicant shall review the information contained in the documents (Vision for the Future and The Melos Education Ltd Structure) available on this website.

2. Should there be sufficient interest that warrants a further conversation at Board level then the institution shall invite the Executive Principal (EP) and the Executive Business Manager (EBM) to explain the concept further and to answer questions.

3. To formalise the process by which both parties might continue to engage in a due diligence process and to maintain confidentiality for both parties, the following shall occur:
a. Both parties shall sign a Memorandum of Understanding
b. A Working Group shall be formed to allow the applying institution and the Melos Group to undertake due diligence and hold more formal discussions relating to potential membership.
c. The EP and EBM of the Group shall initiate a due diligence process of information gathering on the applicant institution including such elements as:
i. Current constitution
ii. Previous 3 years audited accounts
iii. Current year’s budget and two recent sets of monthly accounts
iv. Full staff list of F/T and P/T staff and samples of employment contracts and position descriptions
v. Census data for the pasts 3 years and current enrolment numbers
vi. Information on land ownership, land leases, outstanding liabilities and capital commitments.
vii. Information on the Church/School relationship and any joint activities etc.

d. Once both parties have completed their due diligence process both shall report back to their respective boards with a recommendation to proceed to membership of the Group or not.
e. If Melos Education Ltd accepts the applicant as a member the parties shall initiate a process to allow Melos Education Ltd to become the proprietor of the school and begin a transition to merge the school company into the Group company.

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