Our Governance Framework

Our governance approach provides a framework for the development and ongoing operation of the organisation and its services.
The Melos Group is led by a Board of Directors that governs the organisation according to its constitution, legal instruments and board policies.
The day to day management of the operations is led by our Executive Principal.

The Role

Board Member – the role is a voluntary one with the board putting forward potential directors for appointment at the AGM each year.

Role Accountability

Individual board members are accountable to the board as whole in term so of their performance in the role. The board itself is accountable to the member of Melos Education Limited (a public company limited by guarantee).

Key Responsibilities of the Board

- Work closely with the Executive Principal and Executive Business Manager to provide visionary and strategic leadership.
- Ensure a high level of organisational accountability and transparency to all stake holders.
- Ensure the accountability of the Executive Principal and to maintain integrity in its own key functions and duties as a board.
- Seek Godly wisdom for the company and its mission in the community
- Create and review governance policy and oversee and monitor the implementation of approved management policies and associated procedures.
- Act in accordance with Australian law and the Constitution of the company.
- Ensure the highest standards of ethical behaviour and corporate accountability.
- Promote and support the work of the Melos Group among the wider Christian community.
- Act as a sounding board for matters of operation which the Executive Principal and team may seek.