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Forming well-trained and highly-skilled graduate teachers

Formation is at the heart of the Melos Teaching School. The desire that early career teachers graduate the Teaching School with a passion for Christian education and to expand God’s loving Kingdom. Formation occurs through relationships, intentional curriculum and practices and in the context of the Melos Teaching School culture.

Melos Teaching School is grounded on these three principles:

Forming well-trained and highly-skilled graduate teachers


Trainees are fully immersed in host school and Melos Teaching School from the beginning of their tertiary studies


Formation of discerning Christian graduate teachers with a biblically-informed life and world view

Why Melos Teaching School?

School-based training
From the start of their studies, Trainees will be immersed in the classroom and are supported by a dedicated Mentor Teacher. Trainees will have the opportunity to engage with students, be part of a Christian school community and experience all aspects of school life.

Dedicated Mentor Teachers

Trainees will have a dedicated Mentor Teacher from the commencement of their journey who they will meet with them regularly to support them, help the trainee to set and achieve professional development goals, reflect on their classroom experience, observe best practice teaching within the school and be a crucial part of the formation of the trainee. The Mentor Teacher will support the trainee within the school fostering a collaborative and formational relationship with Christ at the centre.

Community of faith
Trainees will be immersed in a community of faith to support them as they navigate their tertiary course and how they will teach the content from a biblically informed life and world view.


Engaging with your school, other member schools and the Melos Teaching Schools is essential to your development as a Christian teacher. Through being a Trainee at the Melos Teaching School, you will have the opportunity to experience life in a Christian school and start to begin to grow your network.


Trainees are part of the Melos Teaching School and their host school community from day one.

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