Launch of Melos Foundation


Monday 25 March 2021

Launch of Melos Foundation

On Sunday 21 March 2021 the members of the school company, Green Point Christian College Ltd, voted to replace the existing constitution with a new one that now sees the school as the founding member of the Melos Foundation (MF).  

The Melos Foundation is an umbrella company established to form a group of Christian schools that are committed to working together to ensure on-going strength and viability into the future and to provide quality governance for each school. Melos is the Greek word the Apostle Paul uses when he refers to the Church as the body of believers. We are stronger when we work together in close fellowship and are more effective. 
Green Point Christian College (GPCC) continues to operate its own company GPCC Ltd with existing board members now joining the Melos Foundation as directors or members.
The founding directors of the Melos Foundation are Kevin Sproats (Chair), Craig Ayling, Phil Blair and David Bartlett. Further directors will join the board as other schools are added to the group in the future.
The Principal of Green Point Christian College, Phillip Nash and Business Manager Michael Lowbridge, assume additional roles as Executive Principal and Executive Business Manager of the Melos Foundation group of schools.

Phillip Nash observed that, “there is growing interest in Christian Schools Australia (CSA) schools in this concept and we look forward to having a number of schools join us in the near future. It will be great to have a range of sister schools that GPCC can work with to ensure we move forward in our core purpose.”

Please join us in prayer as we work to ensure the long-term viability and the growth and development of Christian schools in our state and beyond.

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