Launch of New School for Children on the Autism Spectrum

The leadership of Green Point Christian College (GPCC) have long recognised that some children with autism can manage in the mainstream classroom with support, but for others it is too over-whelming an experience. These children require a smaller and more managed environment to help them develop. It is our hope that by providing the specialist support needed, many of these children will be able to join the mainstream school at some stage.

To this end Yattalunga Valley Christian School (YVCS) is being established to support children who are on the Autism Spectrum. Our move to establish the school has been prompted by numerous enquiries over the past few years from families looking for a suitable place to meet their child’s unique needs.

Yattalunga Valley Christian School (YVCS) will open in January 2022 with 9 or more students in Kindergarten to Year 2. The school will grow each year thereafter in accordance with demand for places, leasing classroom and playground space in the topmost area of Green Point Christian College. As the school grows, we plan to build a permanent facility for YVCS on part of the GPCC land, in accordance with the College Master Plan.

Current Head of Primary at GPCC, Mrs Nicole Smith, has been invited to oversee the YVCS with specialist teachers and teacher aides being employed to work in the school. Principal of GPCC, Mr Phillip Nash will be the Executive Principal as this school joins GPCC as a member of The Melos Foundation group. Other GPCC staff will assist with administration, with these costs to be recovered from YVCS.

Applications for enrolment with YVCS are now open and can be accessed through a dedicated page on our website. If you are aware of any families who may be interested in exploring this opportunity, please direct them to our Registrar, Mrs Angela Sheather who will be able to help explore this option for their child.

Contact YVCS – 02 4312 7870

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Media Contact – Brendan Wood